Top 9 Brands Making Waves with Their Hoodie Collections

Yo, streetwear’s taken over the world! It’s the go-to style for our generation. It is all about comfort, expressing yourself, and a little rebellion thrown in for good measure. And what piece of clothing better captures that vibe than the trusty hoodie?

Hoodies are the foundation of any streetwear outfit. You can dress them up or down. They’re comfy and cool all at once. Remember those baggy hoodies skaters wore back in the day? They’re different from the hot-cropped styles right now. But hoodies keep evolving with the times.

Top 9 Brands Hoodies You Should Try

Let’s talk about some of the streetwear brands that have made a severe impact on the hoodie game:


Hellstar is a streetwear brand that’s been making waves lately. Founded by Sean Holland, it gained a reputation for its bold designs and high prices. While some might be surprised by the cost of a Hellstar t-shirt. This brand is attracting a dedicated following. Hellstar hoodies feature custom-milled fleece for a vintage wash. Hellstar is more than clothing, with hints of a future video game venture.


Started by the late rapper A$AP Bari, Lone quickly became famous. Their signature “V” logo hoodies are comfy, made with high-quality stuff, and have a unique, boxy cut. Limited releases and celebrity fans like Travis Scott and Playboi Carti made them even more popular. Vlone hoodies became a symbol of exclusivity and serious street cred.

Saint Michael

This London crew is led by designers Luke Stative and Michael Kolinski. Saint Michael puts a playful, artistic spin on hoodies. They often use religious symbols and bold embroidery. Saint Michael hoodies became conversation starters. It blurs the lines between streetwear and high fashion. They showed how much influence hoodies were starting to have.


Noneofus is a trendy German brand making waves with stylish, ethically produced clothing. Their “Nofs” logo stands out on their apparel. Nofs is famous for its tracksuits, which feature bold colors and intricate designs. Noneofus hoodies are trendy for their bold colors and elaborate embroidery. This blend of authentic streetwear and mainstream cool defines Noneofus.

Hood By Air

Hood By Air, founded by Shayne Oliver, is a trailblazer in streetwear. Known for their daring designs that break gender norms. Hood By Air hoods stand out with innovative materials and deconstructed styles. Their pieces are considered both art and fashion. Hood By Air pushes the streetwear scene to be more experimental and challenge traditional fashion ideas.

Gallery Dept

Located in LA, Gallery Dept. is inspired by vintage finds and gives old clothes new life. Gallery Dept. hoods are hand-distressed and reworked. They reflect the current trends of people wanting unique pieces and sustainable fashion. Gallery Dept. has a massive following because its hoods tell a story and are more than something to wear—they’re wearable art.


The Australian brand Kubit is known for its edgy, distressed denim. Their hoods mirror this style with ripped details and bold prints, like graffiti or dragons. Ksubi’s unique cuts and designs make their hoods stand out. They highlight the influence of punk and skater culture in streetwear. For Ksubi, expressing individuality and doing your own thing is critical.

Girls Don’t Cry

Founded by Japanese designer Verdi, who has worked with Kanye West. Girls Don’t Cry focuses on ethics and sustainability. Their hoods are crafted from organic cotton and recycled materials. It appeals to environmentally conscious people who still want to look stylish. Girls Don’t Cry show that streetwear can be sustainable and fashionable.

Frank Ocean

Musician Frank Ocean merch, though not a traditional brand, has made a big splash in streetwear with his clothing line. His limited-edition feature mysterious graphics and song lyrics. They quickly became cult classics and sold out fast. Fans expect him to continue pushing boundaries with his designs.

Level Up Your Hoodie Look with Accessories

The right accessories can elevate your outfit from basic to boss. Bucket hats, popularized by high-end brands like Gucci & Supreme, are stylish and versatile. They come in various colors and materials, allowing you to add a splash of color or express your personality.

For your feet, sneakers are a no-brainer when rocking a hood. You can go classic with Air Jordan’s, chunky with dad shoes, or futuristic with Balenciaga’s. The possibilities are endless!

In Conclusion

These nine brands are a taste of the many creative minds shaping streetwear and hoodie culture. Their influence goes beyond clothes, impacting how we express ourselves and dress today. These are a constant in this ever-changing fashion world, reminding us that comfort and cool can coexist.


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