Choose A Loose Diamond Online

Loose diamond is ideal for engagement rings.  Although diamonds are considered classic gems, if you want to buy an elegant but budget friendly engagement ring then a loose diamond online is ideal for you. Mostly, people think that loose diamond are available in shops but interestingly they are also available in a variety of size and shapes online.

Durability and Hardness of a loose diamond online

A loose diamond online is a best quality stone that successfully passed in terms of beauty, color and durability. It also passed Mohs scales and has 9 out of 10 hardness. If you want a quality engagement ring then loose diamond online is ideal for you. 

What is a loose diamond online made of?

Loose diamond online is mixed with the other ting doses of elements and it changes into almost every color on the scale. Interestingly, people don’t have an idea that loose diamond is just a corundum and it simply indicates a love and best quality and it is totally a different gemstone as compared to others. 

What is the Price of loose diamond online?

Loose diamond online is quite famous due to their various size and affordable price. These stones are widely used for high-end jewelry such as necklace, bracelet and most commonly for engagement rings. Significantly, 1 carat loose diamond engagement ring is more budget friendly then a 1 carat diamond ring.  So, it is ideal to choose loose diamond online for customizing your engagement ring and get appreciation from your beloved one and make your partner happy. Thus, if you use a big stone for your engagement ring without exceeding your budget then engagement ring loose diamond online is suitable for you. 

What Does the loose diamond online Symbolize?

According to various sources loose diamond are considered as a symbol of luck, wisdom, holiness and virtue for the royals. When we talk about an engagement ring, loose diamond online also refers to sincerity and faithfulness. In past times, it was said that the reflection of loose diamond has the ability to make the any function happy. In addition to this, loose diamond is also a September birthstone. So interestingly if your partner’s birthday is in September or you are going to get engaged in September, the loose diamond online is an incredible and cute symbol to celebrate such a special event of your life. 

Customize Your Engagement Ring loose diamond online

There are endless possibilities to customize your engagement ring loose diamond online if you want your engagement ring unique and beautiful. For this purpose, you can consider its size, cut, color and metal type and any kind of elements of accent stones according to your desire and taste. 

Frequently Asked Questions about loose diamond online

  1. Is it true that loose diamond online is famous for engagement rings? 
  2. Yes, loose diamond online is famous for engagement rings. It is due to the durability and beauty of this gemstone.  It fulfills the Mohs hardness scale requirements which means that it also never damages even if you wear it every day.
  3. What shapes are available for loose diamond online?
  • There are various shapes that are ideal for a loose diamond online such as pear shape, square, round, oval and rectangular as well. 


This gemstone is not only beautiful but quite reasonable in price. Thus, one of the best things that can add more beauty to your engagement day is a beautiful loose diamond online. Flawlessly you don’t need to go anywhere in search of a premium quality engagement ring loose diamond online.  You can buy one by just visiting our online store, where you will see a variety of loose diamond online engagement rings and can pick the best for your partners and make them happy. 

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