Best Interior Designing Solutions to Know About

If there is a thing that professional designers and decor enthusiasts can’t do without, it is a good interior design tool. Be it a simple room makeover or revamping a house, you need applications that can provide a virtual canvas to your ideas, manage deadlines, and collect payments.

While you can choose design tools, receipt makers, and project management solutions separately, multiple software lets you manage all aspects single-handedly. Not only can you select wall colors and adjust lighting, but you can also add decorative elements and check furniture placements with ease. All you need to do is read this list of solutions and choose the right fit for your business. 

1.   Moon Invoice

If you are short of interior design invoice templates, Moon Invoice is your prayer answered! You can integrate it with multiple payment gateways, and focus solely on creating designs. Simplified invoice generation, real-time invoice correction, advanced reporting, and analytics features offered by the solution make it ideal for solopreneurs and business owners. Don’t forget to use its time-tracking features to adequately price your work and send accurate estimates to your prospects.


  • Bronze Plan-47 USD/Month
  • Silver Plan- 83 USD/Month
  • Gold Plan- 25 USD/Month

2. Planner 5D

A comprehensive design tool, Planner 5D lets you create extensive layouts (2D and 3D) for houses and rooms. It offers a library of decor pieces and life-like furniture and lets designers visualize designs in real-time. Planner 5D boasts a user-friendly interface that new and experienced designers can use. This application’s best feature must be its AR (Augmented Reality) mode. Thus letting users see and understand how their designs will translate into reality. Besides, its AI features will make your job easier by letting you create professional floor plans in minutes. Integrate it with a receipt maker that offers interior design invoice templates to get the best of both worlds.


  • Free version for basic features
  • Premium Plans-99 USD/month

3. Plaky

If a flexible project management tool for your interior designing business is your demand, Plaky is here to fulfill it. The best part about Plaky is that it lets you create unlimited projects and provides access to infinite users all for free. Moreover, it will let your team members be on the same page. Share files of the latest sketches easily, assign tasks to team members, and manage deadlines, all with Plaky. It also has multiple templates and interior design invoice samples to choose from. Thus letting you manage your finances with ease.


  • Free plan with essential features
  • Pro- 99 USD/ month
  • Enterprise- 99 USD/ month

4. Design Manager

Design Manager is an accounting manager’s and interior designer’s dream come true! With simplified invoicing and payment collections, you will not only save time but also be able to devote more time to your designs with its Product Clipper. It works as a Chrome Extension and will let you source products quickly. You can easily track item progress, stay in touch with teammates and clients, communicate issues to vendors, track expenses, and leave all your business worries. As your practice grows in size, you can scale the solution and ensure you can serve nothing the best to your retainer clients.


Free trial and then 65 USD/ month/user

5. Mydoma Studio

An all-in-one interior designing platform, Mydoma Studio has something for each- solopreneurs, small businesses, mid-sized businesses, and enterprises. You can create mood boards, quotes, purchase orders, and invoices, and automate your financial operations with Mydoma. Moreover, you can easily integrate it with Stripe, Calendly, and other applications for seamless workflows. Mydoma offers excellent customer support and lets you organize all spectrums of your business.


  • Solo users- 59 USD/month
  • 8 Member Plan- 79 USD/month
  • Unlimited Users- 129 USD/month

6. HomeByMe

A customer favorite, HomeByMe is apt for designers keen on maintaining a strong brand positioning. You will need to add your products to its catalog and then you can plan your design before actual executions. Moreover, you will have access to decorations beforehand and can switch from 2D to 3D at the drop of a hat. Once you kickstart your decor, hit “summary”, and you will get a floor plan detailing your appliances and furniture.


  • Free Plan
  • Premium- 29 USD/month 

7. Dulux Visualiser

A boon for IoS and Android users alike, Dulux Visualizer lets you transform the paint colors of any room. Just tap on the area you wish to see and select a color from the paint chart menus to get an immediate polished look. Besides, you also get access to a “masking tape” function. This way, you can compare multiple colors in real time.



8. RoomSketcher 

A comprehensive platform for design enthusiasts and professionals, RoomSketcher lets you visualize your dream spaces with ease. You can remodel projects, take up new ventures, unleash creativity, and transform spaces into unexplainable beauty and splendor.

Besides, you can virtually tour all your designs and explore different angles. Moreover, you will always be able to ensure accuracy in designs and areas easily. Thus, all you need to do is think of an idea, make a few clicks, and let RoomSketcher do its job!


  • Free version with limited features
  • Premium Version– 2 USD/month
  • Pro Plan- 10 USD/month

Wrapping Up

Using interior design tools can simplify your operations and help you create visual representations of your ideas at lightning-fast ideas. Moreover, you can say goodbye to guesswork when decorating/redecorating a space. Play around with different color palettes, design styles, and furniture without making changes on the ground.

Also, ensure you have an integrated receipt maker and interior design invoice templates to streamline your financial operations. With the right list of tools in your hand now, make sure you make the best by investing in them!

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